"Warning: This book will bring you closer to God. Marc's words will penetrate your heart and bless your soul."

— Bo Sanchez, bestselling author and lay preacher

"I have had the pleasure and privilege of being one of the first people to read this book. Every page is alive with God’s love, presence and wisdom. Every chapter is filled with insights that slowly, yet purposely changed the way I viewed a lot of things in life.

It allowed me to see things from a different perspective and it has inspired me to savor every moment of every day. Halfway through the book, I decided that it is undoubtedly one of my favorite books of all time — and as a Literature major and book lover, I have read hundreds, if not more than a thousand already! By the time I had finished reading this anointed book, I knew that I had been changed for good.

Let this powerful book lead you. Let it inspire you. Let it heal you. Let it change your life as it had mine."

— Karren Renz Seña
Author of The Lost Chronicles of Eden: Champions,
Accessible Publishing Specialist of Shepherd’s Voice

"All the great religions provide the believer with an intimate connection between the individual and the Absolute Other. That meeting point in time and space provides intimate knowledge of oneself in relation to one’s God, between creature and Creator, between beloved and Original Lover. Marc welcomes us to that sacred space reserved for intimate friends. What a privilege to be invited! By all means, enter Marc’s sacred space but do remove your sandals for the place you are entering is holy ground."

— Br. Armin A. Luistro, FSC 
Secretary of Department of Education

"The unique and wonderful anointing of this book is how Marc, by God’s gentle but strong grace, was enabled to achieve two very difficult things: first, how to experience such nice- to-hear but often so high and mystical concepts as “receiving Christ,” “receiving the Father’s love,” and second, how to explain and narrate it so that those who are hungry, thirsty, wounded and lost begin to feel the aching restlessness in their spirits to seek God’s grace that renews, rebuilds, restores, and yes, resets one’s life.

    This is where truth meets tears, where grace touches grief, where wading in the sky of platitudes gets down to walking in the streets of the urban jungle with indestructible peace. This is where the Jesus of 2,000 years ago becomes the Jesus of the electronic age, where ethereal theology becomes experiential truth in the right here, right now.

Go ahead. Read this book. Pass it on to others. That grace may abound!"

— Atty. Lyndon P. Cana, Lawyer and Servant of the Lord

"If you are starting to be crippled by thoughts of helplessness and hopelessness, stop being passive about your situation! Go get this book and allow it to offer you a new perspective that may subsequently extinguish those dysfunctional thoughts."

— Jose Alberto S. Reyes, Ph.D. 
Registered Psychologist 
Full Professor, De La Salle University 
Research Scientist, Academy of Cognitive Therapy 
Philadelphia, PA

"Do you know who you are? The most potent and dangerous of all roadblocks in the spiritual journey is the seduction of forgetfulness. When you forget who you are, you fall into a lower level of consciousness that prevents you from being the best version of yourself. St. Teresa of Avila wrote that most of our problems in the spiritual life stem from not knowing ourselves enough. Awareness is the key out of this spiritual amnesia.

    In Hit Your Life’s Reset Button, Marc brings us back to the spiritual fundamentals we take for granted. He skillfully facilitates a process through which we can reset our bearings and begin again. Using the Emmaus Story, Marc mentors us through thirty guideposts that offer evoking revelations and provocative wisdom along the way. Therefore, respect must be paid to these guideposts on their own terms. Read them thoughtfully and reflectively. Many times, this will mean putting down the book, and simply listening and praying."

— Fr. Mariano Agruda III, OCD

"In a world full of the “whys” but so much lacking in the “hows,” this book is an awesome guide for those who desire to walk and hold on every day to their identity as a powerful child of our all powerful and living God!"

— Francis Yulo 
Senior Pastoral Leader, Servi Dei Minister

"Reset. Connect to God. Connect to the deepest stirrings within you. Thank you Marc for putting words to what we have in us all along.  Thank you for opening your heart to us with your very personal, oftentimes intimate, stories –your way of holding our hand (hearts!) and pointing us to God’s direction.

The book blesses immensely –if you allow it to, if you are open to receive. It talks about the simplest things – life, love, dreams –those that matter, and remain, in the end (and beyond!). Nothing preachy, nothing over-the-head theological, not at all aloof.  The texts are practically the soothing and inspiring words of a true friend over a cup of good coffee on a rainy day." 

— Marla Uychiat-Tirol
Happy Wife, Striving Mom, Lawyer

About the Book

​​    What if there was a “life reset button” you could press so you could start all over again?

    Do you want to be given a clean slate? A chance to begin again? Maybe restore a relationship? Re-ignite your zest for life? Live a richer, fuller life?
    This book will show you three simple steps on how to “reset” your life, and start again! Anytime, anywhere!

    What’s holding you back and what you need to do to break through!
    The simple secret of living life to the full!
    Your authentic Christian Identity!

Live Your Utmost

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